Weekend Market Finds

Good Day Sunshines,

Having a wonderful weekend I hope! I spent yesterday afternoon wandering my local flea market which was packed with wonderful handmade, artisan, vintage and trendy finds. In fact, I acquired five fantastic items for a grand total of $66.

Photo Credit Elle Kru 2014

Photo Credit Elle Kru 2014

Pictured above:

xox, Elle

Ready, Set, Kick-Start

I spend way too much time procrastinating. I have grandiose plans. I think big. Problem? I don’t aways execute. Example, it’s November 6th and I’m only posting this now. Solution? I decided to make monthly to do, must complete, mini-bucket list if you will.


  1. Start holiday shopping. Big family. Long list. Need time.
  2. Catch up on. Email, dry-cleaning, tailoring, shoe repair…
  3. Clean out my bedroom dresser- I am dreading this.
  4. Make something. Anything. With my hands. Just stop talking about it and do it.
  5. Take a class because I want to. Does registering count?
  6. See the Henri Matisse the Cut Outs exhibit at the MoMa. This goes without saying.
  7. Read a book. I haven’t decided which one yet, but I will. Really, I will.
  8. Holiday cards. Every year I buy them. Every year I get as far as to… date… and then never send. Let’s try again.
  9. Plan a vacation before 2014 allotted days expire! Very important.
  10. Cook something new and exciting (open to suggestions)

Let’s see how far I get and what carries over.

Wish me luck!

xox, Elle

Falling For Floral Skirts

Who says floral skirts are just for spring and summer?

xox, Elle

Coast Harper Skirt from House of Fraser

Kiranda Jacquard Midi Skirt at Topshop

Emma Winter Floral Full Midi Skirt at boohoo.com

Hot Pink Floral Tulle Print Midi Skirt at Chicwish

Uttam Boutique City Floral Print Skirt from House of Fraser

Mint Velvet Ami Print Midi Skirt from House of Fraser

Black Floral Print Midi Skater Skirt at New Look

Gwen Midi Skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch

Erika Cavallini Semi Couture Floral Jacquard Full Skirt at FARFETCHED

Toast Nora Floral A-Line Skirt, Multi from John Lewis

All Seasons Skin Care

Cold weather can equate to dry skin but with dedication and diligence it doesn’t have to. Follow the tips for year round radiance. 

Sunscreen, Just Use It!

We all know sunscreen is not just for the tropics. While the warm of the sun, feels feels fantastic it is still damaging. Even if your moisturizer, canceler, powder, etc. contains sunscreen, WebMD recommends applying a separate sunscreen for added protection.  (And remember, the sun causes damage even on cloudy days.)


Water is your best friend. Click below to assist you in determining your H2O requirements. Your doctor can provide information you as well.

Wash & Dry

Oily? Dry? Combination? Sensitive? Know your skin type to determine the right cleansers to use. Keep in mind, your skin type can change seasonally and when switching climates. 
Wash with warm water and pat dry. Be gentle. Love your face; it will love you back. 


You are never to young to moisturize and it’s never to late to start. Apply immediately after washing to lock in water. 
Don’t be wooed. There are many brag-worthy high end products on the market and equally fabulous reasonably priced options. Find what’s right for your skin and your wallet. The choices are endless. 

Sweet Dreams

Before closing your eyelids, remove your make-up. This is non-negotiable if you want glowing clear skin and who doesn’t! Read my earlier post on how to best remove your eye make-up.

Change your sheets often. Dirt, grease and product from your hair is absorbed into your linens and in turn, clogs your pores. 
Get a good night’s rest. Overtired? Stressed? It shows.
Happy skincare!
xox, Elle

It’s a Still Life

There is just something about this photograph. The colors, angles, positioning; I had to share. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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