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Ready, Set, Kick-Start

I spend way too much time procrastinating. I have grandiose plans. I think big. Problem? I don’t aways execute. Example, it’s November 6th and I’m only posting this now. Solution? I decided to make monthly to do, must complete, mini-bucket list if you will.


  1. Start holiday shopping. Big family. Long list. Need time.
  2. Catch up on. Email, dry-cleaning, tailoring, shoe repair…
  3. Clean out my bedroom dresser- I am dreading this.
  4. Make something. Anything. With my hands. Just stop talking about it and do it.
  5. Take a class because I want to. Does registering count?
  6. See the Henri Matisse the Cut Outs exhibit at the MoMa. This goes without saying.
  7. Read a book. I haven’t decided which one yet, but I will. Really, I will.
  8. Holiday cards. Every year I buy them. Every year I get as far as to… date… and then never send. Let’s try again.
  9. Plan a vacation before 2014 allotted days expire! Very important.
  10. Cook something new and exciting (open to suggestions)

Let’s see how far I get and what carries over.

Wish me luck!

xox, Elle

Shop Your Closet

You know the feeling before an event when you have no idea what to wear. Or maybe you are just so busy you put off shopping? Or perhaps, you just aren’t in a position purchase right now.  
Anticipating a friend’s wedding, panicked with no time to shop and coming down with a cold, I knew I would never find a dress in time. Solution- I shopped my closet. 

Did you retire that amazing black cocktail dress after you broke up with your ex? Umm, why? It looked amazing. Maybe it’s time to rethink that decision (the dress, not the boyfriend.) What about the gold heels you lovingly bought on sale only to later realize they matched nothing you owned. Oh wait, since then didn’t you buy a dress that would match them perfectly? Turns out you had the perfect outfit in your closet!
These are also great moments to get a bit adventurous. Don’t discount your favorite little black dress. A colorful scarf, killer heels, or that sequined evening bag from your cousin’s wedding can redefine a standby garment. Pair your fav daytime pencil girl with a sequined tank and slip on a leather jacket, stilettos and hello cocktails. 
Point is, don’t give up on what your own. Search for the buried treasure. Break the rules. You will be surprised what you find. 
(Tip: Properly storing cleaning and storing formal wear after each wear really pays off. Keep garments in garment bags to insure great condition. When you peak in, it’s like finding something new.) 

xox, Elle

Static Be Gone

We have all been there. Rushing out the door, before a meeting, overslept and there it strikes – static. Your dress is clinging in every which way and panic. Do not give up. There is hope.

  1. Carefully run the long side of a metal hanger between your skin and your clothing. This works particularly well on delicate fabrics, such as silk.
  2. Apply lotion to your skin. The moisture will help eliminate the static electricity. (Tip: Lotion and water can also be applied to hair to reduce static.)
  3. Rub a dryer sheet on your clothing. (Tip: This method is also hair safe.)

xox, Elle

Organize Your Closet Now

I am not, by nature, an overly organized person. Couple that my overly sentimental/ save everything mentality with my shopping addiction and then pack it into a 700 square foot apartment and you see where I am going. 

I hit my breaking point three years ago when my closets wouldn’t close. It was then I made it my mission to get organized. Before long I had shelves free, hanger space and a whole new outlook on space. How did I do it?

Throw It Out

  • Do you love it? 
  • Do you need it?
  • Do you use it?

You get my point.

Find It A Home

  • Donate it. 
  • Re-purpose it. (Tip: clean t-shirts, towels etc. that are not in the condition to be donated are perfect for cleaning.)
  • Give it away. If your sister, bestie, co-worker always loved those boots, why not give them to her. Make her smile. 

Ready, Set, Organize

  • Compartmentalize and stack. There are endless option from shelves (permanent or temporary,) baskets, totes, boxes, tension rods and racks. 
  • Non-slip hangers. Amazing. Available in a variety of colors.
  • Use specialized hangers for ties and scarves. Lifesavers.
  • Use garment bags for formal wear, full length, beaded/ sequined clothing and coats. 
  • Hang clothing facing in the same direction. 
  • Use vacuum seal bags for out of season clothes, spare comforters, towels, etc. You will be fascinated by the amount of space you discover.
  • Store shoes in original boxes, plastic boxes, shelves, or on sturdy shoe racks. Just no piles!
  • Most important, use a system that works for you. I can’t stress this enough. If it doesn’t make sense to you, seems overly complex or frustrating, you won’t follow through. 

(Tip: Label boxes, garment bags, boxes, etc. to save time looking for your items later. You won’t regret the upfront effort.)